Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tour / Modeling Career

I think it was Cavafy that said "everything is prostitution."

However, we are, regardless, very happy to be setting up our tour for August and looking forward to the experience. Of the tour.

Speaking of needing some extra cash for gas money, would it be so wrong to model out our dog, Syba (see left)? That's still vegan, right? I mean, we would be incredibly involved with the process to ensure she receives proper play/food/cashola.
We would be like the infamous stage mothers, Guardians, or Owners.

You must admit that she is quite striking, no? And to think of that being wasted on a walk around the block! This lady has places to go, dog items to represent.

We wouldn't want her modeling for dog food (she does have standards) however she is open to be photographed 1) in front of state capitols 2) with horses and 3) as a seeing-eye companion.

Of course the other option is to rent her out as a true seeing-eye dog but we are not prepared for the lawsuits that would certainly come forth when she charges across a busy street without looking.

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