Thursday, August 30, 2007


So we are in phase two, or II, of a drought. These are some recommendations from the City:
  1. Reduce toilet flushing to the minimum, whenever practical.
  2. Water the lawn only when grass shows signs of withering; water late in day after 6 p.m. if possible.
  3. Limit car washing at home.
  4. Limit washing down sidewalks, driveways, patios, and other hard surfaces.
  5. Use biodegradable, disposable dishes and utensils (residential and commercial) where feasible.
Um... I guess I'm always in Phase II. At least parts of it. Here are Binge Cafe's *official recommendations* for always:
  1. Yellow = mellow. Brown = flush down, if it's a pound.*
  2. Water lawn? What is this, the 80's?
  3. If you wash your car, make sure you have driven it into a lake first.
  4. Has anyone ever heard of a broom? (I also speak to you "leaf blowers" out there most emphatically).
  5. Save water, increase landfill. Not sure how this stacks up since we're talking biodegradable ware, but I do know there is a great company, Green Earth Office Supply that produces potato forks and crazy corn ware.
Speaking of the environment, the NY Times covered VO's campaign in an article here addressing the recent UN study that a fork (biodegradable or no) contributes more to global warming than a car:

More on their campaign:

* I made up the pound thing, since there is no scale in my toilet, etc.

The other day I made a maple frosted soy-cream cake. I realize it looks identical to my other cake. I must hire a designer.
I used a lot of water for the washing of the plastic frosting thingys, but next time I'll just throw them away.