Saturday, September 03, 2011

Records & Hopscotch

Beloved Binge is going to the studio September 5 - 8th next week to be recorded analog style by Jerry of Duck Kee Studios, and produced by Syba of dog land.

Our 4th album is yet to be named, but will contain 15 songs accidentally chronicling our story from our Big Tour in '08-'09, a really sad event whose Sept '09 anniversary is the week we are recording, and more adventures. Yet, Rob declared after we test-recorded yesterday: "I think we are making a pop album." I am hoping this is not the case: you will have to let us know.

Jason from the Center for Documentary Studies will be video taping part of our recording session, which means I will need to avoid throwing my drum sticks to express opinions. They are the most useful tools of expression otherwise, so I highly recommend 5Bs plastic tip.

Plans are to release the album on a flash drive necklace, and include a copy of both Seeing Through the Fence and Backpack Drumset as well as other doo-dads, and also to release a limited number of vinyl-style copies with art by a super good friend of ours.

After our recording session next week, we are happy to be playing a Hopscotch day party!

You are invited:

Future plans with flash/albums are to tour in 2012 in the US and to Europe via cargo ship.

Hope to see you at the day party and/or on the ship!



Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beloved Binge / Battlestar Canada Split (not banana)

You're invited!!/event.php?eid=116552921763609

Summer Backyard Festivals Presents...
Beloved Binge and Battlestar Canada 7 ' release (limited edition) party with The Wigg Report and Sawteeth. A vegan Potluck and keg of Beer. It's an early show 4-9pm. Enter through the side gate. No dogs. This event is free. The records are $5 each.


The Wigg Report 630pm

Battlestar Canada-730pm

Beloved Binge-830pm

Bring your own plates, silverware, and vegan yummy food (please list the ingredients of your dish for those who have food sensitivities). A portable chair or blanket would also be good.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Washington, DC: STPP Festival

Beloved Binge is playing the STPP festival, Saturday 6/4 at 5 pm (1920 Lounge), heading up in Weston with friends Sequoya (6/4, 8 pm, Dukem) and Joy in Red (6/4, 1920 Lounge, 4 pm)

But first, Beloved will have to fit the following, plus the bands, into Weston:

I made a bold Facebook bet that he would not be able to do it.
I think I might have even put $5 on the line.

Need to fit squares into circles, or high rises into one story houses? Rob's your man. If you have $5 I can borrow, you're my person.