Tuesday, May 29, 2007

vegan food of the misc-misc

Hot apple pie with vanilla rice cream.

I've been a bit lazy recently about posting. I thought I'd just put up some random pictures of food I've made recently. It really can't get more exciting than this.

I experimented and made some fresh tortillas out of the masa I had around the house. It came out pretty good. Instead of deep frying it, I baked it with a light layer of olive oil. On top I added some bok choy leaves, home-soaked black beans (cooked, seasoned, then refried), cumin-spiced tofu, olives, & roasted carrots. Pretty random, as usual.

Cinnamon rolls and lemon-improv rolls.

Spring-roll type things. I had some of these spring roll wrappers lying around, so I stuffed them with cabbage, bok choy, tofu, ginger oil, etc, and toasted them with olive oil & garlic. Pretty darned good.