Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beloved Binge / Battlestar Canada Split (not banana)

You're invited!!/event.php?eid=116552921763609

Summer Backyard Festivals Presents...
Beloved Binge and Battlestar Canada 7 ' release (limited edition) party with The Wigg Report and Sawteeth. A vegan Potluck and keg of Beer. It's an early show 4-9pm. Enter through the side gate. No dogs. This event is free. The records are $5 each.


The Wigg Report 630pm

Battlestar Canada-730pm

Beloved Binge-830pm

Bring your own plates, silverware, and vegan yummy food (please list the ingredients of your dish for those who have food sensitivities). A portable chair or blanket would also be good.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Washington, DC: STPP Festival

Beloved Binge is playing the STPP festival, Saturday 6/4 at 5 pm (1920 Lounge), heading up in Weston with friends Sequoya (6/4, 8 pm, Dukem) and Joy in Red (6/4, 1920 Lounge, 4 pm)

But first, Beloved will have to fit the following, plus the bands, into Weston:

I made a bold Facebook bet that he would not be able to do it.
I think I might have even put $5 on the line.

Need to fit squares into circles, or high rises into one story houses? Rob's your man. If you have $5 I can borrow, you're my person.