Thursday, October 04, 2007


We attended the Pride parade within a week of our arrival to Durham in September 2005. Beyond the obvious reasons of expressing support for equal rights, attending was sort of a way to assess the place and figure out what sort of a town we decided to move to.

We must have missed the parade, or it has gotten a whole lot better since then, cause let me tell you, there was not enough Pride in 2005. We hung out on 9th street and there were maybe a few people and a couple of little lame float things. Maybe they were cars. It was after this that I turned to Rob and said, "Let's move to Philadelphia." Subsequently we learned more about Durham -- which is one of the most liberal, humble, interesting places I've been -- and stayed. Lucky for us because Pride 2007 was much better.

The Scene of the Crime Rovers marched for the event.

See if you can spot Rob in his pink onesy. He tried to find his Spring onesy, but no luck, so he sweated it out in the winter onesy. I'm going to see how many times I can say onesy.

Syba wasn't too fond of the yelling but stayed proud, nonetheless.

If you were having trouble seeing the onesy in the other picture, here it is here. Notice the high elastic pant line. If you are looking for one yourself, we lucked out in Thriftworld's women's pajama section. The socks are mine.

Here we have what we call a mish-mash of miscellaneous food...this happens when I need to go grocery shopping and there isn't much left around the house. Some bok-choy salad with tahini dressing, and a tofu open-face thingy with marinaded portobellos. And avacado w/lemon & paprika. And of course, Love.