Friday, September 21, 2007

Birthdays and Extinction

OK. I don't like birthdays or other forced / planned celebrations. But I do like birthday cake. And good friends who make cakes and nice things. Hot damn, what a great cake. This was made by the talented Bonnie of Sequoya. She is a baker/artist/musician/claymation-movie-maker. That's a lot of things, all expressed in this cake.
There was even raspberry filling, as pictured here.

I didn't want to eat this cake at first, because, well, you know, it's real pretty and all that. But my appetite for sweet cakes overcame that barrier and I was off and running for a spoon. Because spoons are way better for frosting-eating.

I also got this cool thingy handmade by my good friend/artist/tap dancer Lynn of Seattle. I can only describe it as Binge's mascot in sweet granny form. I attached two pictures so you can see the awesome red backing she added. Kind of makes me want to be barbie-sized so I could use it as a blanket in winter time.

Also got some cool stationary for my letter writing campaign ... which stopped after three letters, I think...possibly due to not receiving any letters back.

Rob picked me up a CD I wanted since I saw the Screaming Females, namely their excellent album What if Someone is Watching Their TV? I haven't seen a band like this in a long time. Damn. Sort of a seitan saute with hendrix, white stripes, the minutemen, and something new all together in a demanding/commanding mix of kids young enough to be my teenage regrets. But I wouldn't regret them. They tour all the time so check them out.

Speaking of pregnancy, I read a review of this book a few weeks back in the NY book review, and Rob remembered my enthusiasm for the topic & picked it up - The World Without Us. It's a non-fiction look at what would happen to the planet if humans were no longer on it. Great for celebrating dates of birth!

I think the NY subways flood, and there is some nuclear spouting, but after all that the darned planet recovers, all green and chirping. Alan suggests that folks limit their kids to one, unlike the group he contacted for the book, the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

In case this book depresses me, I also got a wonderful certificate to the Regulator from Shayne & Catherine.

Folks sure are nice, even to someone who doesn't really like birth days.