Friday, May 30, 2008

Northern Tour, April 08

I realize I hadn't posted anything about our trip North. To the left is one of the about 100 or so veg restaurants in NYC...this is Imhhoteps in Brooklyn.

I must say that this tour was much better than our first tour in '06, largely due to the people we got to know better and see again this time around, and some of the folks we met. The folks at the Pasadena Pirate House were amazing, hosting a screening and BB, and we got to visit our good friends Airport Blvd and Dawn Dineen again and play a show with them in the infamous Elvii basement, complete with nice folks in attendance. Also got to see family in Connecticut & Toronto. It was a damned good time. Had help in NY with a screening from the wonderful Jasmin of Farm Sanctuary too.

Rob and I camped much of the trip, in a little tent, which was overall quite good. A couple of times we weren't really set up at an actual camp ground, but we managed to get away with it except the time we camped in front of the rangers station.

In the absence of proper vegan smore-making materials, I am happy to announce my new invention, I think, ricemellow smore pie. Complete with graham cracker crust, chocolate chips, and rice-mellow fluff. I also added some peanut butter for effect. As a bonus it's easy to roast...simply place on the grill and wait.

Here in no particular order, there are pictures of the following: my screening at Bluestockings, an awesome radical bookstore in Manhattan;

oops, our car post-towing in same town;

me with my BFF the vegan cupcake....this is the famous Babycakes - no sugar, animal juice, or wheat...and they are damn good!;

the front of Goodbye Blue Mondays in Brooklyn where we played - nice people and they even sent my camera back when we forgot it there!!;

Rob in activism mode leafleting at a college (ain't he cute?);

a false alarm in Pittsburgh...when I bursted into the store after seeing the sign, I learned that the vegan cupcakes all sold out. I tried to mask my disappointment but the tears were a giveaway;

homemade vegan donuts! crazy, eh? Someone at the vegan pirate house brought them for the potluck. Kinda takes the bar up a notch for potluck offerings;

my little nephews and niece in Toronto with two cakes, the messy pinkish one I made to the left;

Some of my Greek family ... my aunt Eleni is 2nd from the left, 1st cousins dimitra & maria;

rob and his sister Jamie;

WUSB! What nice folks they were...we played at midnight. I was not quite feeling like loading our equipment up to the station, but once we did it was a lot of fun. They are based out of Stony Brook University in Long Island.