Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Would you live 500 years?

The following question has been on my mind lately, and I truly want to hear from you (yes you, even those of you who have given me terse verbal replies).

Would you live 500 years if the following were assumed:

1) You would be about the same age you're at now until age 480;
2) You could still die of other means (car accident, suicide, etc.);
3) You of course would have to generate income for a much longer period of time.

Some of the answers I've heard have been immediate and enthusiastic: "Yes, of course!" Others have been more guarded, and add qualifiers to their responses. Still others, and I am among this group, answer, "No *&#))*# way!"

I'm wondering a few things in advance about your responses:

  • Why would you, or would you not, choose to live longer?
  • What would this mean for relationships, and would you still believe in or get married "till death do you part" ?
  • What would you do with all of your extra time? and, if so,
  • What stops you from doing what you would do now?
Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Old Poem, on the real "welfare"

I. Old Poem
II. Spanikopita
III. A Surprise

OK, so I am not inspired to blog anything new, as you might be able to tell from my lack of posting as of late. I find that I am much too scattered and need to focus. And so, my dear fellow bloggites, I offer you a piece I wrote when I was about 24. Stay tuned for my next blog, upon which I will debut my work from kindergarden.

Earned Livings

Public assistance sits within important walls,
littered with plaques and other indicators of Quality Service.
Under the ceiling's significance lies a heavy wooden desk,
backing for signatures and newspaper perusal.

Company charged lunches feed hungry executives;
these food stamps buy drinks and friends.
Expense reports for live entertainment are
customer maintenance, ensuring the arrival
of another welfare check.

Meetings are baseball with decisions thrown in.
Fantasy leagues are negotiated until the solution is
Charitable Contributions: Stop them.
Satisfied players leave jobs of 10% work,
glad they aren't accepting handouts.

And now, some spanikopita, which was easy and delicious. I used spring roll wraps for the filo, and an olive tapenade mixture instead of feta.