Thursday, March 09, 2006

Old Poem, on the real "welfare"

I. Old Poem
II. Spanikopita
III. A Surprise

OK, so I am not inspired to blog anything new, as you might be able to tell from my lack of posting as of late. I find that I am much too scattered and need to focus. And so, my dear fellow bloggites, I offer you a piece I wrote when I was about 24. Stay tuned for my next blog, upon which I will debut my work from kindergarden.

Earned Livings

Public assistance sits within important walls,
littered with plaques and other indicators of Quality Service.
Under the ceiling's significance lies a heavy wooden desk,
backing for signatures and newspaper perusal.

Company charged lunches feed hungry executives;
these food stamps buy drinks and friends.
Expense reports for live entertainment are
customer maintenance, ensuring the arrival
of another welfare check.

Meetings are baseball with decisions thrown in.
Fantasy leagues are negotiated until the solution is
Charitable Contributions: Stop them.
Satisfied players leave jobs of 10% work,
glad they aren't accepting handouts.

And now, some spanikopita, which was easy and delicious. I used spring roll wraps for the filo, and an olive tapenade mixture instead of feta.



Asa said...

I need the Cliff Notes...or an interpretation. I never was very good at poetry. Spanikopita looks good though.

Laki said...

So basically the people with good jobs don't really do a lot of work to justify their salaries, but they still act like all the poor people receiving welfare don't work hard? I guess I filled in a little between the lines there so I'm probably way off.
On a side note, I can't wait to see the next post titled: "10th Grade Home-Ec: Grade Indicated is a Minus."

Binge Cafe said...

Ha!!!!! Actually, I think that was geometry, but I could be wrong. Home Ec was a flat-out D!

Anonymous said...

i humbly submit welfare is bad for the souls of all involved. it comes from a good place but that doesn't make it good for the human spirit and especially when the gov does it and makes an institution out of it. charity i think is most humble and effective when its face to face between individuals and communities. sweet poem bingy...haptax

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