Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Would you live 500 years?

The following question has been on my mind lately, and I truly want to hear from you (yes you, even those of you who have given me terse verbal replies).

Would you live 500 years if the following were assumed:

1) You would be about the same age you're at now until age 480;
2) You could still die of other means (car accident, suicide, etc.);
3) You of course would have to generate income for a much longer period of time.

Some of the answers I've heard have been immediate and enthusiastic: "Yes, of course!" Others have been more guarded, and add qualifiers to their responses. Still others, and I am among this group, answer, "No *&#))*# way!"

I'm wondering a few things in advance about your responses:

  • Why would you, or would you not, choose to live longer?
  • What would this mean for relationships, and would you still believe in or get married "till death do you part" ?
  • What would you do with all of your extra time? and, if so,
  • What stops you from doing what you would do now?
Thank you ladies and gentlemen.


Autumn said...

I'm probably one of the aforementioned terse verbal repliers. I would love to see what has happened in the world in 500 years; for example, will people look back on the practice on consuming, wearing, (etc) animals with the same combination of horror and disbelief that today's students feel upon learning that there used to be slavery in America or that the Holocaust took place? Will the thought processes of governments around the globe have evolved to a point where they've managed to end war and terrorism, or at least want to? Closer to home, how far will society have progressed in regards to finding answers to problems such as poverty, racism, gangs and crime, etc? Will men and women be considered equally qualified for positions such as president of the US? On a more personal level, it would be fascinating to track down descendents of various friends and family members to see how life turned out for future generations. I'd also find it interesting to see how far technology has progressed; I bet some pretty incredible devices will have been invented by then. In addition, it would be entertaining to note how fashions have changed, how people are wearing their hair, what's on TV, in the movies, and on the radio, and so on.
So yes, for many reasons, I would like to come back in 500 years and stay for awhile; but would I choose to stick around the whole time from now until then? Not a chance. Are you offering a time machine option (TMO)?

Anonymous said...

500 years?!? oi!!
only if i could let go of any real conscience regarding everything yucky going on and instead focus on selfish and fun things like playing sports, taking drugs, enjoying nature, running with syba, etc...

ZenLy said...

I, too, would be very curious to see what the world will be like in 500 years. I like Autumn's idea of the Time Machine Option, but that doesn't get to the heart of the question. I usually feel like life is too short now, and there isn't enough time to do all the things I want to do. But 500 years may be too LONG. Life could get pretty boring after a while. As for marrying until "death do us part"-- most people have a hard enough time committing to our current time-frame. I would imagine that our definitions and traditions of marriage/relationships would undergo some major changes if given so many more years. And think of all the many more years of heartbreak you would get to have. The same holds true for career-type jobs. Would you want to work at the same job for 450 years in order to receive your pension? Or would you switch careers every 50 years or so?-- just think of all the time you'd have to go to school and learn an entirely new set of skills.
You might also look at the extra time as a great opportunity to accomplish goals and help make the world a better place. But I'm already exhausted at age 34... So I think my final answer is "No #@^+&#@ way!"

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer to live 600 years.

Anonymous said...

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