Friday, April 11, 2008

Seattle, Olympia, CD RELEASE!, Roanoke, Pittsburgh: Northern Tour '08 Part I

Lynn, Tom, Lily, & Noah in their Seattle yard.

Me with one of their chickens. Never held a chicken before this. They are kind of heavy, and very soft.

Crocodile Cafe, Rip.

Mighty-O (vegan) donut! Nice presentation, eh? Nana's best dinnerware.

The University Theater, where I screened the doc.

Bill's Off Broadway, a restaurant my dad co-started in the 80's.

A place I lived for a few years in the 90's in Capitol Hill. My apartment was in the tower section. That's why I wanted to live there, for the tower. Very run down inside, very cheap.

Um - it's very hard in Blogger to line up the picture labels with the pictures.

So I'm not going to try - but on this post, please find awesome pics from my cute nephew & Rob reading, cute nephew drumming, etc...Rob's brother and sister...

us playing on KAOS radio & at the Mix in Seattle...

our CD release with pics of Cantwell Gomez & Jordan & eberhardt.

Also, band-wise, find the Olympia act Captain Sickness & His Fabulous Maladies. In Roanoke - the awesome Illbotz rap/comedy duo, and Wading Girl, a Steve-Earlesque bite of Virginia & beyond.

I also took a pic of the Frick Fine Arts Center, where I screened the doc in Pittsburgh.

Also find me with my mom & Nana, more chickens (this time at the homestead of Rob's mom, brother, & sister), goats in Rainier, WA, complete with snow...

and what happens when I buy a pack of vegan cupcakes.