Friday, April 11, 2008

Seattle, Olympia, CD RELEASE!, Roanoke, Pittsburgh: Northern Tour '08 Part I

Lynn, Tom, Lily, & Noah in their Seattle yard.

Me with one of their chickens. Never held a chicken before this. They are kind of heavy, and very soft.

Crocodile Cafe, Rip.

Mighty-O (vegan) donut! Nice presentation, eh? Nana's best dinnerware.

The University Theater, where I screened the doc.

Bill's Off Broadway, a restaurant my dad co-started in the 80's.

A place I lived for a few years in the 90's in Capitol Hill. My apartment was in the tower section. That's why I wanted to live there, for the tower. Very run down inside, very cheap.

Um - it's very hard in Blogger to line up the picture labels with the pictures.

So I'm not going to try - but on this post, please find awesome pics from my cute nephew & Rob reading, cute nephew drumming, etc...Rob's brother and sister...

us playing on KAOS radio & at the Mix in Seattle...

our CD release with pics of Cantwell Gomez & Jordan & eberhardt.

Also, band-wise, find the Olympia act Captain Sickness & His Fabulous Maladies. In Roanoke - the awesome Illbotz rap/comedy duo, and Wading Girl, a Steve-Earlesque bite of Virginia & beyond.

I also took a pic of the Frick Fine Arts Center, where I screened the doc in Pittsburgh.

Also find me with my mom & Nana, more chickens (this time at the homestead of Rob's mom, brother, & sister), goats in Rainier, WA, complete with snow...

and what happens when I buy a pack of vegan cupcakes.


Jay-Ro said...

You look so cute with the chickens!
I'm glad you two having fun. I wish I was there with you, I miss everyone.
Sorry about the cupcakes...

Sequoya said...

Oh no a cupcake explosion!

Thanks for all the picts. Blogger is no help when it comes to captions, but I followed along just fine. :)

springsandwells said...

I just watched the trailer for your movie. How incredibly cool. It looks great. I live in Santa Cruz, which would be a great place for a showing. Could I help you set one up?

Also, it's nice to see pictures from Seattle. I lived there for a few years after college and haven't been back in a while. Gave me some warm nostalgic glow!

chickens are weird and cool to hold.


coco said...

Did you pick up the goats too?

Beth said...

"Even if, with all the hours and days of driving, Rob gets road rage (which for him is slightly frowning)"

I love that line.

I'm really enjoying your writing and I'm so pleased to hear that your university showings are going well, even if you are getting the same questions time after time. Do people really not know how much protein can be found in beans and veggies?

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