Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring Cleaning

What a boring freakin title. But this post relates to both. Today Rob and I participated in our neighborhood's (Cleveland-Holloway) cleanup. We found cool and gross things. I did end up throwing this little (Cinderella?) away.

This trashy picture here is part of Ellerby Creek. Not the best part. It's hard to tell from the picture, but countless bottles, plastic bags, and trash coat the surface. We're hoping to clean this up soon too.

As you might imagine, most of the trash we picked up today wasn't exactly healthy trash. We're talking Twinkie boxes, Wild Rose, Chips, Coke, candy bars. Kinda made me want to give up my junk food eating ways. I mean, there must be a connection between the litterer's diet and the litterer.

So I was very disturbed when I stumbled upon members of the vegetable carrot, mr. celery, and baby cauliflower.

I can only be consoled by the nearness of Spring. Each year when the untrimmed bush in our front yard transforms from dead brown twig to this, it continues to amaze me. How do they all come back like that?

Then there are these flower bulb thingys that Rob planted last year. They came back too! So we must be ok, I mean, as people.


Chef Shirle' said...

That is so cool that you guys are helping to clean up your neighborhood!!! Your neighbors are such lucky people...I wish we lived next to you. Oh, and the bulb thingys are Hyacinths...they smell AMAZING!!!!!


Jay-Ro said...

Wow, I can't believe all that trash! It is amazing what people consume and don't care to throw their trash away. Your flowers look nice, It's too early for me yet but I'll take pics when the crocus' come up.

Eleni said...

hey Shirle & Jamie! Thank you for the flower info ... I kinda wish I knew names of these things apart from "bush," "tree" and "flower thingy." I think I'm at about the pre-school level with that. My mom actually emailed me to tell me they were Hyacinths, which I *might* actually remember next year when they go and do the same 'ol thing again.

Eleni said...

oh, and yes, Jamie send/direct me to pics of your crocus so I can know what a crocus is/are

Chef Shirle' said...

dinner soon?...
at our house?....
Seitan Enchiladas are calling you, beckoning you both to eat them..."come, come," they say.