Saturday, March 01, 2008

Atlanta, Athens, Winston-Salem: Gaining Weight Fast

And here we have a random dog that I named Chile. Little Chile sat with me as I awaited the screening at the 11:11 teahouse. Chile was instant love. Chile did not care about my harsh words or evil doings. Chile just wanted to be near. The screening went well.

The next night BB had a show with Pete D (of Gringo Star) who played an awesome acoustic set. He was so kind ... instead of accepting money for his 7" he asked folks to donate to the touring band (us). Since he tours for a living he understands. Hurrah to kind musicians!! The more we tour, the more I realize things we could do differently or better for bands coming through too.

Batata Doce played after our set. They were, from what one of their fans said, tropicalia style. This music comes out of revolution. At the end the drummer played on glass jars filled with different levels of water. Sounded way better than my wood block.

The next night we were supposed to leave and go see Kim's band play in Athens, but Justin was kind enough to get us a last minute show at the Earl with Dylan Kight & the Nightbirds as well as the Preakness.

Here are my drums on the stage.
We played out front and it went pretty well. Pictured here is Dylan Kight and the Nightbirds, and the Preakness, below.

Before the show we went to Athens to leaflet (rob) and check out the Grit, an established veg restaurant
of deserved awesomeness. In addition to real food, we had two different kinds of fake food, namely, vegan cake - the Grasshopper (my favorite) which tasted sort of like the mint chocolate chip ice cream, but way better, and then the other cake, which had a name I'm forgetting (see, Jamie, Rob looks happy again). These were especially good after the show at the Earl, on our way to a house party that Patrick's new project was playing. Unfortunately we missed his band, Hawks, but got to visit with him and accidentally walk into a frat party.

The next day, we headed to Harmony, which has vegan chinese food. It was no Teapot (Seattle) but pretty damned good.

We found the Werehouse and screened my documentary there. I was kind of nervous because I haven't been doing this as long as the band. But load in sure is a lot easier. Go Triad and Relish were kind enough to write articles about it. There are links to these here.

I think that the Werehouse is my new favorite place. There was obviously a lot of work, love, and thought put into this place. They even roast their own coffee.

Here Rob is interviewing a member of the collective,
Eric, for his soon to be streamed podcast, BB radio.

We will be playing in Greensboro tonight with Invisible and Ponchos from Peru. More on these amazing bands tomorrow....


Jay-Ro said...

I would be happy with that cake too, yummmmm...

Kim said...

I'm so sorry I missed you guys when you were here :(

next time!

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