Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Vegan Cake Tour '06

Pictured here are the fabulous cakes free of all animals and their secretions, yet overflowing with full-bodied taste. To your left is the fabulous cake made by he known as Garyino: a stout cake with a hint of bourbon. Just how Binge Cafe likes her cake, all liquored up! On top of the drunken cake are shreds of chocolate.

In the background is Binge's cake, with far too many themes, cake-wise, incluidng peanut butter balls, vanilla cream frosting, chocolate fudge frosting, and an inner layer of coffee icing. The cake rose so high that parts of it fell off into the stove and burned. When I opened the oven, assuring Mr. Beloved it was just the smell of cake hitting the stove floor, flames jumped out at us. Well, the jumping is a slight exaggeration, but nevertheless baking powder was employed successfully and the cake was saved.

Many of you know we are gearing up for our tour in support of Other Places. We've updated our website with new videos and pictures, check it out. We are very excited about our first tour. Drop us a line if we're going through your town. Make us a soy white russian.

We're celebrating our CD release with a show at the fabulous Joe and Jo's this Friday, 7/21. We're playing with the infamous America's Next Top Models. It will be a great show, so we hope to see you there. Buy us a soy white russian.

Speaking of great bands, check out my informal list of all the two-pieces in the area: two piece revolution. BB is partial to duos.
Perhaps you may consider me well-sheltered, or well-kept, but I had no idea what on the planet this creature was. All I knew is that s/he had an alien head and the head would turn to look at me. When I spoke to her/him, Mr. Beloved advised that perhaps that would be misinterpreted by the neighbors. In any case, s/he was quite photogenic and truly seemed to enjoy having his/her picture taken. And for those of you who had no idea, s/he is a Preying Mantis, about the size of our cat Greco.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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ZenLy said...

The cakes look de-lish. I see that Syba was at the ready to offer her taste-testing services.

Glad to see the Binge back on the blogging scene. I may return one of these days too...