Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Vegan X-mas Video!

Better to watch it here NOT in widescreen format:


sangeetagod said...

Way Kool!!!
Wish you happy and Very Vegan 2007!!

Asa said...

Excellent video! Happy New Year to you!

Binge Cafe said...

thank you! happy new year to you both...Now I need to veganize auld lang syne. Actually, I just looked at the words, and it's already vegan! It just needs a soy white russian.

Laki said...

Hahaha, that was pretty cool! Love the top hat Rob!

Neutral Lippy said...

Who's that crazy guy with the hat?
Gerat job. Happy New Year!

Dilip said...

Good video, guys! You're not just talented with music, you're also good dancers! I enjoyed the creative and catchy video. Thanks for sharing it!!