Friday, January 19, 2007

Fuel, Garbage, & Cupcakes

My dad built this. In Greece, from some books he checked out at the library. Which is pretty cool, considering he was a restaurant owner by trade, not a welder/inventor. Crazy contraption, but it could be our future, no? One per household? I guess we’re all set for alternative fuel, though I’m not sure about shipping this thing over here. Lucky for us daddio has plans for Rob to begin building some of these, here in our back yard. So you know who to call when your tank is on E.

Our first snow in Durham. Something about the garbage piling around our street all covered, like cupcakes under frosting, so nice. Syba likes to smell the white stuff; she’s kind of a party dog so maybe it reminds her of something else, I don’t know.

So these cupcakes were made with the same recipe (see Vasilopita) minus the coin insertion. Due to their cute small size, they only need to be baked for 20 minutes. Also – for half of the batter I added about 2 T of cocoa powder and 1 T soy milk to the mix, producing the chocolate variety seen here.

The frosting:
2 sticks Earth Balance shortening
1 stick Earth Balance spread
about a bag or box of confectioners’ sugar
1 t vanilla OR ½ t almond extract and 2 T cocoa powder


Laki said...

Wow, Vangelis sure has grown up! I remember when he was just a little kid! In fact, that's the last time I saw him!

I miss the snow :( It looks like Syba loves it though!

Sequoya said...

What kind of fuel does your dad's invention make? It looks really cool.
Those cupcakes tasted great. When I was told they were vegan I knew you made them. That frosting would be great for decorating.

Binge Cafe said...

Hi Sequoya! I just spoke with Dad, and he reports that it makes Ethanol. I think he must have alternative motives with the machine to make if not fuel, we'll be all set for licorice-flavored liquor.

sangeetagod said...

What great looking cup cakes.
I can't figure out what is it that your dad has invented?
By the way, I have finally created my first english blog
Check it out

nicomachus said...

Send me an email (I can't find your address anywhere on your site), and I will send you my recipe for kick ass vegan pumpkin bread.

Jay-Ro said...

Are those the cupcakes I had? They were good!

Binge Cafe said...

yes they were ms jay-ro! Good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert too. I've banned myself from them unless it is someone's birth date.