Friday, December 21, 2007

i hate pumpkin pie

But Rob loves it. So I made him a surprise pie today. I didn't realize it was supposed to sit overnight to firm up. But we had a warm slice anyway, complete with this awesome vegan whip cream.

Syba's such a good sport. In the background, please note our tree, recreated from last year's, but with more hair. Also note my nephew sitting with Santa.

The picture of Syba was taken yesterday. Today, she took her revenge by disappearing a whole package of Apple Sage Field Roast that I carelessly left on the table. Usually she doesn't high-eat when I'm around, but apparently this has changed.

I only found the paper wrapper on her bed, which was askew, from trying to get the package open, apparently.


Jay-Ro said...

That little stinker.....
Pumpkin pie, yummmmmm

Anonymous said...

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Binge Cafe said...

you trying to say my abs are flabby, "adam brown"? Well, you're probably right, what with all this pie and all. Wait till you see my next post.
I'll keep your spam up, though, in case any other reader is interested in the Info Revolution.

Hi Jay-ro! yeah....the pie was pretty good, pie-wise. Used the extra filling for pancakes the next day.