Sunday, January 20, 2008

Spazz, Snow, Syba

But first some apple pie. The first picture shows the little pie pre-topping. I made the crust out of regular stuff, but added a little brown sugar and almond slivers into the dough. Seems I'm going a little bit wild with the almond slivers ever since I got a handy little bag of them last month.

They really do have applications for all dishes. Casseroles, Indian curries, toasted with sugar & placed atop your Rice Dream. In this pie, I also mixed in some coconut milk & silk soy vanilla yogurt with the apples which made it creamy, delicious, and me a size larger than I was the hour before I ate it.

Last night we played at the Spazzitorium in Greenville with the awesome Tin Kitchen and Snake Vision. Sometimes the best thing about playing a show is meeting cool bands. An extra bonus was the venue itself.

I recommend it highly, with or without the scarf limbo.

Next, I've posted enough pictures of our dog Syba to make you regret the day you ever told us she was "cute."

We had "snow" (gonna try to use "" as much as possible in '08) and something about a husky and "snow" is irresistible.

As we were walking home this morning some kids, who were busy collecting "snow" from a dumpster to throw at each other, stopped their fight to say "Your dog is cute!"

I "engaged" them in conversation about snow soup, to which another kid repeats, "Your dog is cute!"

I personally find snow soup fascinating, particularly when gathered from Durham's railway system, but apparently these kids were not as interested in the fact that it is "just like a slushie!"

The first picture above she is pictured at her best: running toward me, while Rob checks his shoes for poo in the background. The next is a classic "stick-fetching" episode.

Following this, she is running and looking a bit fiercer than reality. The next shot she's holding the stick down with her paw.

In one last burst of cuteness, this picture speaks for itself.


Sequoya said...

Your dog is cute! :)
The snow was a nice surprise, good to see her enjoying it. Scarf limbo at the Spazzitorium, awesome!

Vera said...

D'aww! Bless her! :P