Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hello Charlotte! Stop #1.

It was the night of the lunar eclipse. I could have sworn you're not supposed to look at those things straight in the eye. Accordingly, my eyes blurred a little bit when staring up to see moon partially covered in pink disc. Is this what Nick Drake was talking about? It was hard to see through our speckled windshield while we waited for the longest train ever to pass.

Better seen it was at Snug Harbor, where we kicked off our little SE tour eclipse-style. I couldn't get that song out of my head, “All I can say, total eclipse of the heart....turn around bright eyes...turn around bright eyes!” Just like when Rob and I play rummy and I get the Queen of Hearts and can't stop humming Juice Newton. It totally gives my game away and I really should stop it.

On hand at this most friendly club (thanks to Beth of Red Collar for recommending), besides an extremely friendly and attentive sound engineer (Daylon = sound love), were a troupe of improv performers and a bearded man that was extremely fond of the moon. He stood outside almost howling at it with a few other Snug regulars. When an airplane flew in “front” of the eclipse, you would have thought his spaceship was arriving.

Luckily Rob was able to capture a recording of moon man and a short interview and song from the kind band we shared the night with, Seth Boulton and the Dream Machine, as well as some tips for bands from Daylon. This will be our first podcast as part of the BB Radio series we're launching from the road. Stay tuned, we'll be uploading this soon & it will be available at our friends Subdivision 67 site. Pictures will soon follow.

We asked for a floor and received a couch. What more could we ask for? A breakfast recommendation, of course. We ate at the vegan-friendly, and friendly-friendly, Zada Janes ( When we walked in and a man said “Hey!” I tried to recall if I met this man at the show last night. Was this the guy who said he'd put me in his pocket, take me out so I'd play drums, then return me to his pocket? No. I was hoping it was because that sounds like a great gig. But we did not know this man, he was just very welcoming. Stay tuned, Rob got a clip of him for BB radio. I had the roasted potatoes and vegan sausage patties. Rob had the Indian tofu scramble & toast. The food was delicious and the coffee strong & medium style like we like.

We're on our way to Spindale now to leaflet then play on WNCW.

Tour regrets: We packed way too many things. Since we're not camping, due to our low tolerance for cold/bears, we should have brought less blanketage.


SandraLou2 said...

Glad to see Charlotte went well! The lunar eclipse was really cool. My kids were running around and howling. :-O

I am looking forward to hearing more about the tour. Oh, thanks for the I need the recipe.

<3 Sandra

Jay-Ro said...

Very cool. Where's Syba? I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Sequoya said...

I can't wait to hear the podcasts and I enjoy your blogs so much. The eclipse was beautiful and so poetic. :)

Binge Cafe said...

hi Sandra,
glad you liked the fudge/truffle/chocolate experiments!! I used the whole foods semi-sweet chocolate chips ($1.60? $2?) heated with some coconut oil, then added a drop or two of rum extract for one batch, and peppermint for the other.

hi ms. Ro! Syba is with some nice folks in Durham hanging out. I doubt she misses us....though we miss her. Except for the picking up her crap part.

hey Bonnie - thanks for the encouragement. Rob has been waiting to upload his podcast patiently while I dominate the laptop, so to speak.....