Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I must admit that I really love Weston, our new tour vehicle slash home. New, as in, to us, because 'ol Weston is pushing his third decade at 26 years old. I was lobbying for a girl's name, but Rob pointed out the inequity of his being the only male amongst Tercey (girl car), Greco (girl cat), Syba (girl dog) and me (grrl). So Rob got the English-butler sounding namesake and we're all happy.

Pictured here is Weston at BCHQ during the eye-opener benefit we played with so many amazing bands I thought I'd blow a socket, if I had sockets. I met some other fellow documentarians from Urban Footprint films who are doing a great job of getting out to capture what this area has to offer - they summarized the bands/day nicely here.

By the end of the night we were tired, but luckily Weston provided and Rob watched John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats (pictured here) through the canvas window pop-top, while I and a few others sat on the running board. At one point John announced something about being a vegetarian - so of course my like-o-meter went through the roof immediately.

Last Thursday we premiered the Backpack Drumset documentary short on the wall of Bull McCabe's. The Independent Weekly included this event as part of their "8 days a week" recommendations here. It was a lot of fun to play movies outdoors. The night opened with shorts by local bikalosopher Phillip Barron. If you haven't seen his blog. Comeon. Then we screened BPD.

Thank you thank you to all of you who came out for this! Rob took a picture for our mothers and sisters and brothers.

All Your Science, the band featured in the film, are worth you walking, bikin,' or crawlin to go see 'em. They are playing this Friday.

This past weekend we took Weston on a test drive with Syba, just to see how it would work out.
We were amazed to discover not only does Syba travel well, but she doesn't mind driving either. This moment was documented by Andrew, who is in a band I really liked called the Hermit Thrushes. They're out of Philly and play in brightly colored tights with dancing legs to ensure the tights are well-used. Sort of Polvoish with more dinging and dancing.

Also on the bill were Br'er, another Philly band with an eclectic lineup that included a harp which interplayed nicely with the vocals, and Wooden Kites, from Missouri, who had some Neutral Milk Hotel and something else too. I liked 'em.

Have I professed my love for people who run DIY spaces? They are a unique bunch; simply bringing music to people cause they love music. They are not getting rich, heck, they are not even getting above the poverty line. But the folks I'm thinking of work tirelessly to bring lesser-known music out to their friends, community, and anyone who will listen. So thanks Jeff of the Spazzatorium for being one of those folks. I can think of others...Kenyata who runs WE Fest, the Elevado folks who ran ISP (rip), the BCHQ folks, the Vegan Pirate House (rip), and so many more. Thanks. Means a lot to those of us out on the road looking for a friendly place amid all the gas stations and musty clubs.

And with that, here is the BB logo, growing right in our own BB yard, prickly and all.


Jay-Ro said...

Love it! Syba should get use to traveling. She's so cute! It looks like you guys are having alot of fun. Wish I could be there. How cool is that cactus! So ironic.

Doe said...

Awww....Weston you take good care of our beloved binges...

This is another reason Wester is appropriate with a male identity...in the animal world, the males are often the protectors of the family...fighting off predators and such.

I love the pic of Syba driving and the heart shaped cactus!


Sequoya said...

I think Weston is a perfect name. Weston will take you to amazing places and events. We wish you much happiness and vegan cake while you're on your journey.

The Back Pack Drumset doc was incredible in every way and I'm so happy that I went to the premier!

urban footprint films said...

does weston have room for 2 starving film makers?!!...haha.....they happen to be big BB fans!!....they will pay their way in joe van gogh coffee...

..we love weston!....see ya in wilmington!

<3 A & C

Eleni said...

UFP: Of course we have room! Particularly if you're starving. We accept payment in pecan flavored coffee and vegan cupcakes!

JR: I think we'll take the cactus with us as a hood ornament.

Ruth: Males also pee on trees so I'm hoping Weston will keep it sanitary. But it does feel very safe up there in the pop top.

SEQ: I think Weston's fridge has just enough room for vegan cake, so we can keep him.