Tuesday, February 02, 2010

No Snow in South Carolina! Snowbird'n Post #1.

View from BB's back door, 1/31. Note Beloved's woodpile.

Beloved and Binge fled through the iced Governor-warned-us-not-to-drive roads on the morn of February 1st, heading to Columbia, SC to screen Seeing Through the Fence for a Politics in Film course at the University of South Carolina.

The class was full, about 90 students in attendance. When I asked if any of them were vegetarian or vegan, only one or two hands went up. We played the film, then I hosted a discussion afterward for about an hour. There were many questions about health, economics, and even a new one, which was: "What about greyhound and horse racing?"

As always, it was an amazing experience talking about this issue with a large group of people who had possibly not had much exposure to the issue. Particularly critical when investigations keep coming out such as this one conducted by Mercy for Animals at a NY dairy farm. (This was on CNN, too.) Sometimes folks ask why we don't eat dairy products. This question is answered with a look at this video...t
he CNN one is less graphic, but both are informative.

Rob is in charge of picture-taking at the screenings, but I distracted him with statistics-writing (as in, how many veg students?) so there are no visuals during the class screening. Picture tiered rows upon rows in a lecture hall. However, later that night (about one hour after the Q&A finished) I held a screening for the environmental group SAGE at the Green Quad for about 30 people.

The next day, Rob and I leafleted the school for Adopt a College and handed out free primal strips (courtesy Vegfund.org).

One for you, two for me.

While leafleting, a student came up to me and said he really liked the film and told all of his friends about it, which was very nice, since I'm never certain of the response unless I hear direct feedback.

Syba helped too.

Speaking of the screenings, it's always inspiring both to meet instructors and students who are engaged in some form of activism outside of their own interest. In other words, in addition to self-improvement, they are reaching out to frost the world, if the world were a vegan cupcake, with even more frosting.

So many cupcakes and only one stomach.

After today, I do believe in the Vegan Cupcake God(dess). On our way to a wifi location, we happened upon an Earthfare grocery store. That was VCG's first act of kindness to us. Second, when I stopped at the bakery case, I was greeted by at least five different kinds of vegan cupcakes and cakes. The clerk informed me that the bakery manager here is vegan! This was VCG's second act for us.

Mint doesn't have to be green.

After tasting the first selection, I began to doubt VCG's existence due to the apparent spirulina mixed in with the frosting to make it green. Not a good flavor combination, if you're thinking of trying it at home. Mr. Beloved finished the slice for me.

However, I began to Believe again after buying a second selection -- Banana!

Notice the apple in the background to show you I have balance. Those ARE my bites.

The deli also had a nice selection which included our favorite soy nuggets that I thought were only available in NC:

Tonight we're heading out toward Charleston to leaflet, work, screen my film, then play a show! Here are the Facebook invites:

Screening at College of Charleston: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=276307602365&ref=ts

Show at Outer Space:

Rob's also busy setting up regional tour shows (weekend).

Thanks to everyone for your well-tour-wishes and great support. And thank you, VCG.


Sequoya said...

Nice icicles! I'm glad you're safe and free of the snow and screening to an interested audience. May the VCG continue to bless you on your journey.

Aguavino said...

I saw Vegan Outreach's feature on Mr. Beloved's Adopt-a-College-ing. Way to go, Mr. B!!!

Jay-Ro said...

mmmmmm cake!