Friday, September 01, 2006

home again - no more cake

Blogger is working and I have posted new pics (below). I hope you find them interesting.

After Vegfest we headed over to Norfolk VA to perform at Relative Theory Records, a great record store full of music, vegan options, and bands. We played with several good musicians including In Black and White. Prior to the show we headed to Kate's Custards to buy a much talked about soy ice cream shake, but found to our (my) dismay that due to the power outage, we could not purchase one! After decking the barista, we indulged. Actually, I held my disappointment back and instead headed to Bella's, where an excellent soy-cheese pizza was served with some veg's on top.
The show went well and we were full of enough adrenalin to drive back to Durham, NC...we were missing our dog Syba and cat Greco.

It is good to be back, and we look forward to seeing everyone again! Also, please check out our good friend G's blog - it is a great account of historical Durham juxtaposed with Durham today - the pictures (before and after) powerfully draw attention to the demolition that has occured over time, so that we may try to preserve architectural integrity and a historical sense of our city...a must read.

Over and out!

mz b

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Sven said...

Thanks for the mention Mz. Binge! I hope the show went well tonight. I'm so sorry not to have made it. Unforseen cataclysm.