Monday, August 28, 2006

Cupcake, UpState, & Other Shows

Hi faithful followers of the cake,
I am reporting from the Scranton, PA library, so limited time. We arrived safely in Syracuse, as mentioned previously, and performed at the Empty Cup. Worth mentioning was the band The Scarlet Ending, composted of two talented twins who played guitar, keys, and violin (with outstanding vibrato I might add...I quit the violin after 2.5 years right when I was required to learn vibrato...vibrado? Crying may or may not have been involved). The drummer was also quite excellent, and the 3-way harmonies added to the whole mix.

We had a day to kill, so to speak, and leafleted at Syracuse U. We also saw An Inconvenient Truth and Wordplay while there.

Then it was off to play VegFest, under an overcast sky with threats of rain. Luckily we still were able to play, and I rather liked the outdoor venue experience. The breeze kept us cool (which balanced our inherant un-coolness out very well) and our hairs blew in the wind. We played there with a few bands, and I must say I was quite transfixed by
27, a band out of Boston playing rainstorm melody grooves in a cabin on fire.
We were also fortunate enough to sample a vegan mint- chocolate cupcake w/vanilla cream frosting created by (sweet teeth?). Very nice ending to a long, long day.

--mz b


Dilip said...

You saw two very nice films! I'm excited to hear about your travels. Oh, you can check out my impressions of Wordplay and An Inconvenient Truth!

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