Friday, August 11, 2006

Thank you and goodnight!

What is is that is so intimidating about a start? All unproven and yet to be known. That is why those beginning life have more of a need to prove their part in it. This newness applies to all youth, not just those in age - new drummers, new job, anything yet to be experienced. This being our first tour (yes, I am getting to the point) makes one wobble with the instability of no foundation. Once we're proven, mistakes aren't as glaring, and can be accepted with part of the greater whole of experience.

And so I may apply these grand thoughts to our van. Hope it pulls through. The check engine light is still on, but we've made it to DC thus far.

Our show in can be summed up as the owner's comment before our set was through: "I think we're all done here." (insert delayed clapping here).
DC was great - if you get a chance, check out the band we played with, Airport Blvd - they are amazing (and I don't report that easily): We're off to our Philly show now, signing off...
mz binge


Kym said...

Though you will be sorely missed at the next BCBG's, we know you're off doing bigger and better things and can't wait for the stories. That is, over a can of whup-ass.

you are great.

Sequoya said...

You're going to be like a snowball rolling down a hill. Good luck in Philly.

Sven said...

Sorry to hear that Richmond was assish, but I'm glad DC went well. I'll play the magic "make engine light go off" drum in my dining room.