Friday, August 18, 2006

Vegan Radio, more cake, & Brass Cat

The transmission fluid, not the brake fluid. A slight reddish color, a slow drip. We're all stocked up on fluid (thankfully it is a small leak) and ready for the rest of our trip (hopefully). There is a slight noise that occurs upon driving over bumpage, that I have determined to be an A flat, approximately, but the van still performs its essential operations: stopping, starting, and turning. Even reverse! (as a bonus).

Yesterday we began our day at Vegan Radio, run by the wonderful photographer Derek Goodwin and typically Megan Shackelford who runs Oh Sweet Mama's. Scott co-hosted the show in Ms. S's stead since she was on vacation. He was a very nice person who has not owned a car in 16 years. We all walked to a new vegan restaurant, Evolution Cafe. Needless to say, following a taste of OSM's lemon frosting cupcake delight at Cafe in Northampton, they are all my new vegan heroes (Derek & Scott for guiding us to the cupcake and Ms. S for making it). We also had chocolate pie.

Feel free to download the show by clicking the link above and then clicking on "download show" (the orange box). Or go to Not only will you hear our stunning interview ( was our first time on radio so we {I} were/was a bit nervous...), but Peter Singer, the infamous father philosopher of the animal rights movement, is also on the show. Amazing stuff folks.

After the show, and the cupcake, we headed to Northampton and flyered with the Even if You Like Meat brochures. Very effective and we found a lot of vegans there...some of whom had heard the show earlier.

Then it was naptime at what we thought was a park but it turned out to be a cemetary. Peaceful place to catch some z's.

Onward to the Brass Cat, where we shared a stage with 1986 UK, who remind me of the Dudley Manlove Quartet. Fun band and nice people...a good combo. We'll be playing wtih them again in Boston tonight...speaking of which, I'd better get going so we can beat the traffic heading there from Connecticut.

Signing off, and miss you all (well, except for you, and maybe you) ,

mz binge


Sven said...

You guys sounded great - like you had your own radio show, actually. Hey, Binge Radio, live from the QSCC - I like it.

Sequoya said...

I like all the new pictures you added. Rock on!

Dilip said...

Thanks for adding pictures! Northampton is a postcard-pretty town. Enjoy Connecticut, where I grew up!