Monday, October 23, 2006

Kale-a-kopita & the Main Library

It is great to be home again, cooking Binge Cafe specials. Today I made Kale-a-kopita, which is like spanikopita, but with Kale, as you might guess, instead of Spinach. Usually I use some minced olives in place of feta, but this time I just crumbled some tofu and marinated it in oregano, soy sauce, and vinegar.

Also, rather than just layers, I rolled the mix up spring-roll style, ala the method of my Thea Katie in Greece. Eventually I'll use the large roller pictured with Syba for effect. These thin, tall rollers are used to roll out the infamous filo dough used in Greece.

My aunt taught me how to make this from scratch, but this time I was lazy and bought spring roll wrappers from the Asian Market on University.

Also pictured is our new cast-iron pan. I bought it after hearing about how the non-stick teflon pans cause death. Or things leading to death. In any case, we could all use a little iron. These are supposed to be the best--lasting forever--(which may be only 30 more years for me if I die early due to excessive use of teflon pans) and are non-stick as well. They are quite heavy as the name suggests, so good for weight-bearing exercise while washing, but not so good if you are weak-wristed.

Speaking of large rollers, please take note of upcoming discussions on the location of the main library branch in downtown Durham and developers desire to move our library out of the East side. Binge Cafe's good friend Endangered Durham has written extensively on the topic. Please visit him.

PS - Troika was fabulous! Below is a picture of some of the audience at Ringside during Veronique Diabolique's set. Each venue I went to was packed thus...thanks everyone for coming and to the tireless Troika volunteers.


Sequoya said...

That looks yummy and would be great for a party. Thanks for the idea.

ZenLy said...

Ahh, I can only hope and pray that my Blue Room Breakfast consists of such delicioubles...
If the teflon doesn't get you, here is a list of other things that will.
When you were speaking of large rollers, I thought you meant this kind.

Sven said...

Thanks for the mention of ED Mz. Binge! Kalekopita should be on the menu at The Drunken Vegan (opening soon!)