Tuesday, October 17, 2006


We had a wonderful time in Greece performing at the An Club with Film, as well as the Small Music Theater in Athens with AntiStres.

Greek audiences have to be the warmest I've yet encountered, apart from audiences made up of my mom. Thank you again to Antistress (see pic of us all) & Film (live below).

Check out the amazing lineup for Troika. I don't know about you's, but we're going to be bouncing around downtown Durham like a couple 'a pinballs from Wednesday clear till Saturday. We're looking forward to performing on Friday with many great bands and will be playing a short acoustic set on WCHL 1360, Wednesday morning.

Below, a picture by the infamous author of Grapevine...what can be cuter than a kid, a kitten, and Syba?

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Sven said...

Welcome back! Hope your radio gig goes well tomorrow. Thanks again for the Komboloi and the Bag O' 'go.