Wednesday, December 14, 2005

News, Drink, and Neil

I think that I have blog-fright. My mind is racing with all of the possible brilliant blogs I could create, but each possibility is subsequently evaluated and ultimately labeled mediocre, or worse, worthless. So I will ramble with no point or focus. Enjoy.

On my band’s site I promised to provide information about my campaign to ensure the presence of Soy White Russians (SWR) in each and every bar in America. And now I ask, please join me in that effort.

How? I haven’t quite worked out that detail. But stay tuned.

So we bought a fixer-upper house when we moved from Seattle to Durham NC. We’re working on it every day, with the vision of performing again, tours, and a great place to hang out keeping us steadily scraping, removing, and adding. The foundation slopes, windows were broken, and there was a tree through the roof. We’ve finally painted a couple of rooms though and things are feeling better. My intent was to create at least one room where one would feel, as Rob’s former boss once put it when visiting us at our old place, like he could “take off his clothes and run around naked.”

We’ve also had our faithful companion NPR close by at all times. One needs to listen to something besides their own thoughts when scraping lead-based paint. I was distressed yesterday to hear more about the Australian race riots. In particular it was upsetting to hear everyone allude to drunkenness as being a strong consideration in why a bunch of white guys were running after those of Arabic descent. Um…the last time I was drunk I think I just kissed people on their cheeks. Not that I’m always a passive, loving drunk, but I can’t recall any soy white Russians ever compelling me to beat up those of another race. So that’s a lame excuse.

Which brings me to a question I ask people often (it is on my list called Big Talk with many, many such brilliant questions): Does drunkenness create an altered self or an accented self?

Also heard an interview with Neil Diamond. I love Neil Diamond. But I hope he can float cause he’s about as deep as his sparkly suit.

For good, good tunes I’ve been connecting to

Well over and out for today. Here’s the vegan chocolate cake I made last night, with caramel frosting in the middle & drizzle and chocolate on top.

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ZenLy said...

I support your Soy White Russian mission 100%! I'll start from the west, you start from the east, and we'll finish up somewhere in Arkansas...