Tuesday, December 20, 2005

X-? Away from "Home"

X really is perfect to describe this elusive holiday. Who came up with that anyway? Please vote - should the name for this time of year (tty) be X-mas? Just X? Do I have too much time on my hands?

Speaking of this, I find this station quite lovely at the moment (choose the SKY option...) http://www.web-radio.fm/christmas/.

In any case, here are some messages of tty:
  • Giving without expectation of getting
  • Warm cozy treats and homes
  • Kindness to everyone
  • Someone was born in a manger. Go tell it on a mountain.
Here are some actual messages I've received/sent:
  • That's all I get? After what I got you?
  • A personal message on the card would be nice.
  • Not even a freegin' card?
  • Hmm. S/he must be mad at me/us.
  • The X-mas finger.
In other words, X-mas does not really exist 'cept in our lovely heads. But it would be nice. I won't be home for x-mas, ever, because Home is as fleeting as Santa Claus. Bah.

But I like it all anyway. Even the arguments. But especially the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.


Anonymous said...

NOTHING really exists 'cept in our lovely heads. We always choose our conscious reality...don't you think?

Binge Cafe said...

hmm, I sense a familiar Southern drawl in this anonymous posting...