Saturday, December 17, 2005


Pictured here in the fine Binge Café are some Seitan BBQ cutlets I made…from scratch and love. Unfortunately the love is not purely vegan, cause love is full of suffering, baby! Speaking of the idea of purity and suffering, check out the following link (after of course you’ve read and commented on my blog) to a great essayist/philosopher Matt Ball: A Meaningful Life.

Also notice my peanut butter balls with my bite out of one of them. That one is ½ price.

Hear ye, my next campaign, following the extremely successful effort of establishing Soy White Russians in Alabamy, involves the re-incorporation of the word “ye” into our vernacular. If that offends ye, I apologize. “Ye” statements are like peanut butter for those without deadly peanut allergies. Coincidentally Ye also blends well in any of the numerous names for This Time of Year (TTY, not to be confused with the telephone service).

Last night we went to Durham’s Culture Crawl. You walk/crawl to several different locations to view art, hand-made jewelry, and bands. We’re lucky enough to live in walking distance to a few cool galleries, shops, and pubs, and went to a few places like the Electric Blender, a warehouse full of funky colorful clothing and misc, along with a performance space for bands. Check them out.

We also went to see the infamous Pumpkin Boy, whose art was not only viewable but touchable as well. With your right hand, on the button. “Where do you want to touch it?” Anyway, don’t upset PB by touching his art in the wrong spot. Check his cool stuff out at 803-B Ramseur Street.

:: I Need You Paragraph :So our band is looking for your recommendation. We want to find a good analog studio recording situation for mid-March. If you know of someone, or someplace, nearby Durham, NC let us know. Shortly thereafter we’ll be touring the East coast…whoopee-doo-da!!!!
:: I Need You Paragraph End ::

Random statement of the day clothed in the misguided socks of depth: Scraping off the paint of our bathroom mirror has given me the opportunity to look at myself. And as the famous quote from ST sort of goes, the day God made Me S/he should have rested.

Well, with that, we’re off to the Cat’s Cradle to check out the free show / Merch holiday party. Hope we don’t get lost driving to Chapel Hill.



Neutral Lippy said...

Ye is a wonderful thing. Especially when you are able to taste every single thing on this blog. Being Neutral Lippy, I can't say anything bad. Although there is no reason to. It's a pleasure viewing your blog and I look forward to future blogs.

Asa said...

Ahhhh... I miss those peanut butter balls. They are so good. As for Ye, I'll be sticking with you for singular (and even plural sometimes), or you'all for plural.

ZenLy said...

I's just a wonderin' if y'all are also usin' "me" in place of "my" in addition to yer "Ye" mission, as was used in a recent comment on a picture o' mine on MeSpace