Thursday, December 22, 2005

Vegan Options

Today I became hopeful when I Googled "Soy White Russians" and came across a link. Unfortunately it was the blog of an anti-SWR'er. He even said something about how his ex-girlfriend suggested SWR's and then somehow things didn't work out. As if it were the SWF's fault.

He also said it is natural "biologically" to drink milk wh
en we're born therefore justifying the dairy industry somehow. I couldn't hold my typing fingers back and did leave a comment that most of us are weaned from our mothers before age 3 (unless we're in really strange families...) and the only creature that is naturally supposed to suck on a cow nipple is a little baby calf. Not only are we the only species who drinks the milk of another species, but we pursue this into adulthood!!

That brings me to my next topic. The other day I made a very nice pizza with sesame dough (above). This one is topped with the cheesy nutritional yeast, tofurki sausage, olives, portobellos, & onions. Next time I'll make one with a nice pesto topping.

Here I made some traditional Greek white bean soup (almost gone in the pic), more sesame bread, (the pizza dough is from this batch) and a sugar cookie cake. Actually, it was supposed to be made into cookies but I put coffee into it and it became more cake-like. I just had to use the extra coffee, at the expense of the cookies. But it was still quite good.

This morning I made some good 'ol Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast. Here are 2
pics, before gravy

and after (yes I like lots of gravy).

I made a shitakke mushroom gravy. I used tapioca starch instead of cornstarch, which is why it didn't turn out quite thick enough.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about multiple personalities. Well at least that is what I feel like writing about right now.

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Autumn said...

YUMMY! And they WONDER why I'm always hanging around the kitchen when Aunt E is cooking.